About Nate Clark


This is the personal website of Nate Clark, who has worked on C#/C/C++ and web applications for more than a decade and is passionate about artificial intelligence (including machine learning), security, distributed computing, object storage, and high-availability architecture.

Thanks to a friend, he started learning Visual Basic 6.0 at age 14, then moving on to C++ at age 15. He earned his undergrad in Economics at Indiana University, then went on to earn an MS in Accounting and completed two-thirds of his MBA in Supply Chain Management at IU's Kelley School of Business prior to leaving to launch Infinite AI. He left Infinite AI in Dec 2015 and has since been doing work on architecting backend systems through an investment company he started with friends, Research Capital Group.

He lives in Carmel, IN.

How to Contact

Email is by far the best way to reach me. In early July 2016, I'm going to start using Twitter whenever I write new entries on this site instead of using an email newsletter.


What's the point of your website?

Life is interesting. I love to write. I spend a few hours per day reading and this lets me organize and share what I find interesting.

Separately, I'm especially bad about getting too focused on a project and losing weeks or months of time without following up with friends, so this makes it easier to stay engaged with family and friends.

Can I hire you for a position or as a consultant?

If you have an interesting project or a long-term position that you think I'd be interested in, send me an email and we can certainly talk about it.

I'm interested in your resume, can I get a copy?

Sure, here you go: Resume.

Will you connect with me on LinkedIn?

Yes, if we have ever had an actual face-to-face encounter.

Will you hire me to work on a project?

Go to the careers section on the relevant company's website and apply there.

Can I interview you for your work on the [insert project here] for [media organization]?

Nearly all of my work is under strict non-disclosure agreements, even if my name was disclosed as working on it. Follow-up with the appropriate organization's media relations people and have them arrange it with me. If the preceding doesn't seem relevant, email me.

Will you give a presentation on [insert topic here]?

Possibly, though I typically don't give presentations. Send me an email with details (when, where, audience size, etc.) and ask me.

What's your email address?

My personal email address is: nate@clarkoncode.com. If this is directly related to Research Capital Group, please send it to my work email: nclark@researchcapitalgroup.com.